The European Helicopter Training Programme (HTP) was approved by Ministers of Defence on November 2009 to increase in the short-term the availability of helicopters for crisis management operations. The Programme started in 2010 and it consists of two live exercises per year - one focusing on individual training and one on interoperability and operational tactics. An annual symposium takes stock of lessons learned from operations and further shape the development of additional exercises.

This Helicopter Training Programme is one of EDA’s most successful stories. Together with Member States, the Agency realised that the lack of transport helicopters deployed into operational scenarios is not that related to the lack of helicopters itself. The training factor seems to be a much more determinant, as the crews are not that well trained to fly in high, dusty or snowy environments, under conditions that reflect the current operational circumstances.

Taking into account Member States' requirements, EDA organises the training for "hot & dusty" or for "snow & mountains" conditions, exactly the scenarios Member States are facing. Up until now, 60 helicopter crews, trained under the Helicopter Training Programme
, are flying in Afghanistan.